What Photo Style is Best for My Wedding Day?

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So it’s time to pick a wedding photographer, huh? It’s a super fun thing to do, but can also become very stressful if you don’t know what you are looking for. In this article, I aim to help you find your ideal photo style in the hopes that it will guide you in the direction of your dream wedding photographer!

When we are talking about photography style, there are really two separate things to look at: perspective and style.

A photographer’s perspective is how they document a wedding day. Do they use a more photojournalistic approach and capture authentic moments? Or do they love posed and styled images to give a more editorial look? Nowadays, most photographers use a combination of posed and organic shots to make up a wedding gallery. However, a photographer with a more candid perspective may not be as great at posed bridal party shots or formal family portraits. On the flip side, you may have a photographer who loves posed bride and groom portraits, but doesn’t prioritize the emotion-focused candid shots. Find out what is important to you on your wedding day and look for photographers who match your wants and needs.


My perspective is to capture real-life moments on your wedding day with a combination of posed and candid shots. I love images that show authentic emotions that help you relive the moment. However, I also love a more posed approach when shooting formal portraits and bridal parties and a more styled approach when I photograph details and venues. It is my opinion that the use of all of these perspectives, in the right way, is the best way to capture the love and happiness of a wedding day.


A photographer’s style is the overall feel of their images. Photos can be bright with vibrant colors or dark and moody. There are photographers out there who shoot with all kinds of styles, so it is important to know what you like. Brighter photos look very modern and clean, but this style can sometimes wash out the details in a dress or on faces. Darker and moodier photos are very trendy right now, but can sometimes make skin tones look too orange or brown.


My photography style prioritizes natural colors, but with a brighter more vibrant feel. While my photos are light, I take the time to preserve the detail elements in a dress or bouquet. I love to photograph neutral or pastel colors to further compliment my bright and colorful style. I prioritize my editing to make sure all skin tones look natural and smooth. My photos should make your wedding day feel like a fairytale!

It is important that a photographer have an established and consistent editing style to ensure that your gallery has the style that you are looking for. A photographer who does not have a consistent editing style may provide images that are different than what you though you would be receiving. A great place to look at a photographer’s perspective, style, and consistency are galleries that are featured on their website. These featured galleries are how a photographer is able to show potential clients what their wedding photograph would look like, so use them to make an informed decision.

Think my photography perspective and style matches your needs? Learn more about me and how to inquire about my services here!

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