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Megan & Patrick’s engagement session was in the works for a while. For weeks, our schedules just didn’t seem to match up. Well, we finally made it happen and I am so excited to share these pictures!

Megan & Patrick just moved to New Orleans, so they wanted their engagement photos to reflect their new home. I was thrilled when they suggested the French Quarter for their session. If you know me, you know that I am OBSESSED with the French Quarter. Unfortunately, the hustle and bustle of downtown on the weekends (when everyone wants to schedule a session) isn’t always ideal for photos. Megan & Patrick were totally down to work around the crowds and I am so glad!

We lucked out with gorgeous (almost) Fall weather for this session which made our trek through the streets a lot more comfortable. We found some great spots along the side streets of Jackson Square. For me, the best part about shooting in the French Quarter is finding all of the interesting colors and architecture. In just a few blocks, we were able to find a blue wall that perfectly complimented Megan’s dress and a few places with some cool green accents that really brought these pictures to life.

As we started shooting, the connection between Megan & Patrick became so apparent. Most of the moments that I captured in their session were just Megan & Patrick being themselves! They were always sharing sweet looks and Patrick was so good at making Megan laugh. Even when I did give these two some direction on posing, they made it look so effortless and natural and it was impossible to NOT snap a good photo!

We found so many great spots around the French Quarter, but the fun really started when we popped the champagne. When Megan texted me and asked if they could bring a bottle to their session, I of course said yes! Because of their move, they couldn’t find their champagne glasses, so they were actually the first people to use the champagne glasses I got for my wedding (it’s been almost a year and they were still in the box…oops!). The riverfront turned out to be the perfect spot for these action shots! I was able to capture a few city buildings, a beautiful bridge, and a very New Orleans-esque steamboat in the background. I kept my camera clicking the whole time Megan tried to open the bottle and the champagne sprayed, and I am so excited about the shots that I got (I even got a few funny blooper shots). The champagne created such a fun and special moment between Megan & Patrick and was a great way to keep the energy up at the end of their session.

I loved the riverfront background so much, that we used it again for their second outfit. And it did not disappoint! I loved Megan’s casual white dress and it flowed so well in the breeze. Another thing I loved about Megan & Patrick’s session was their willingness to go above and beyond with their poses. We did the twirls and the dips and the result was awesome! We did the dip so many times that I am pretty sure they are experts now. 

We ended their session in my all-time favorite spot: in front of the St. Louis Cathedral. The golden hour lighting was just right and it turned these shots into magic! By this point, Megan & Patrick needed no cuing from me. They stood in front of the Cathedral and just enjoyed being there with each other. These shots are some of my favorites from the session. They are so genuine!

I haven’t had the opportunity to shoot a full session in the French Quarter since COVID-19 and I am so glad that these two got me back out there. I enjoyed every minute of this session! Megan & Patrick are so easy to get along with and their fun personalities are infectious. It’s always a pleasure to work with couples who make my job easy.

Best Wishes to this happy couple who ties the knot in January 2022!

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